NC Firefighters Calendar – 2012

HERE ARE THE WINNERS of the 2012 Calendar Contest:

First 3 runner ups:

Congratulations to everyone that participated and to all those of you who voted!!! It was a very exciting contest. Please order your 2012 calendars now on the 2012 Calendar Order page.

69 Responses to NC Firefighters Calendar – 2012

  1. Elizabeth Midyette says:

    Go Amber, Go Amber!!!

  2. FF Friend says:

    Great picture!

  3. I am voting for Staci!!!!

  4. joe says:

    good luck to all

  5. Jami Hux says:

    My beautiful sister!

  6. Crystal Watts says:

    I vote for Amber!

  7. Sue Kepley Mendenhall says:

    Good Luck! Had to look twice-it has been a long time since I have seen you.

  8. Skippy says:

    Vote for my buddy John Sowers

  9. Cherrill says:

    Love my Jonny! Vote for Jonathan Sowers!!

    • Staci says:

      Hey – Thank you Jim so much for your support! =D
      3 things to remember – PLEASE check back daily and continue voting.
      Share the site with your friends & last ~ Don’t forget to go ahead and pre-order YOUR calendar ~ monies raised will help out burned children.
      Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  10. scott says:


    • Amy-Beth says:

      Thank you for your support Scott. This calendar supports a great cause so it’s nice to be a part of this win or lose!!! :0)

  11. Robbie says:

    Hello everyone, thank you for your vote. Please continue to vote for Noah and me.

  12. NJ says:

    Vote for 409…. he sure is fine!

  13. Tina says:

    Amber Rocks!!!

  14. Latonia Daniels says:

    Way to go!! to my Brother Rob. That’s a beautiful picture of you and the baby. Please vote for Robbie Cox

    • Robbie Cox says:

      Thanks big sister for your votes. Please keep them coming in. If you want to order a calendar you can pre-order.

  15. Rasel Daniels says:

    I voted for you Robbie Cox. I am Latonia Daniels’ husband.

  16. Tammy Miller says:

    Should be featured along with his many accomplishments and help

  17. Amanda says:

    Go Johnny!!

  18. Faye Blackburn says:

    I am voting for Robbie and Noah.

  19. Tammy says:

    good luck Robbie!

  20. shaun wade says:

    I hope you win!!

  21. THERESA COOPER says:

    They are the best, If I need any thing I can always count on them.

  22. Vanessa Perry says:

    Good luck ROBBIE!!!!

  23. Sandy says:

    Go DOLLY!!!! Thomasville is proud of her work!!!

  24. Cc says:

    Good luck robie

  25. Bella says:

    Good luck Uncle Robbie!!!!! We’ve been voting all day. <3

  26. Eve Contreras says:

    Noelle is the greatest!!!!!

  27. Sharon Dunstan says:

    I am voted for Bryant! Good Luck!

  28. Vic Williams says:

    Good Man

  29. Vic Williams says:

    Good Guy

  30. Vic Williams says:


  31. Halina Miller says:

    Good luck Staci.

    • Staci says:

      =) Hey there!! Thank you so much sweetie.. Have your friends vote too. Don’t forget to pre-order YOUR calendar too… The monies raised help the burned children.

      Auntie Staci =D

  32. Leslie Miller says:

    Go Dolly! You’re the woman!

  33. Sheila Hedrick says:

    Good Luck, Dolly!!!!!

  34. Soda Pop's says:

    GO Amy-Beth Clampitt, Bryson City is behind you!!!!!!

  35. Amber says:

    Thanks for all the votes so far!!!

  36. Nancy Milligan Hodges says:

    #414 Terry Depoyster is as good a human being as he is handsome.

  37. KB says:

    Good luck Chris!

  38. jimmy says:

    I voted good luck bro.

  39. Wanda Martin says:

    I voted for JR Beard…vote for Liberty’s Fire Chief!!! I hope he wins.

  40. Sharon Kirkman says:

    Good Luck J.R.!

  41. Anne says:

    Please let everyone know that we are now accepting donations and pre-orders for the 2012 NC Fire Fighter Calendar. You can click on the Donate or Pre-Order button to help this worthy cause. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite Fire Fighters. Thanks for your support.

  42. monica J says:

    Terry D. – Go Get’Em Friend !!! Good Luck.

  43. Vicky says:

    Good Luck Albemarle, NC Firefighters

  44. Patsy Boren says:

    Terry, I hope you win….

  45. HS says:

    Voted for Gorgeous :)

  46. Bridgett says:

    GOOD LUCK GUYS AND GALS!!! :) fyi -the results don’t show all the pictures. I’ve voted a few times for different people (mostly for my cutie pie husband) and their pictures are not there so you can see where they stand in the voting :(

    • arseneaux says:

      Hi. I am the moderator on this site. Note that the software randomizes the entrants each time you click on the page so that no one image stays in the same place. Once you vote, the highest vote getters appear at the top in ascending ranking order.

      • Amber says:

        Bridgett is talking about the results page, not the voting page. I have personally voted for several people who do not show up at all on the results page. I talked to Ann, but she said the votes were still getting counted. How do we really know where we stand if all the results are not showing?
        Thanks to everyone for your votes! Remember, it is for a good cause!!! Go Beaufort County!!!

  47. Good Luck to you both!!!

  48. Lona York says:

    Lanny and Angela Whitaker are two nice people.

  49. Jimmy says:

    Good Luck

  50. Judy S. Patterson says:

    Good Luck

  51. cami says:

    go uncle Robbie your the best! :) <3

    ps good luck

  52. Danielle says:

    LETS GO AFD!!!

  53. Bobby and Donna McPherson says:

    We voted for J R Beard, hope he wins.

  54. Vicki Oliver says:

    These two guys are so handsome!

  55. heather breeden says:

    GOOD LUCK CHRIS!!!!!!!

  56. Michael Frye says:

    #428 Chris Raynor you have my vote brother. If Frye Fire Protection was still around and my dad Rudy Frye all of the company would vote for you!

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