Featured Station

Once a month we will feature a fire station from across the state. We will ask the station to send photos and a short biography of the station.

Skyland Fire & Rescue has been serving the surrounding Asheville community since 1954.
Skyland Fire Department is located about 15 minutes south of Asheville, NC. Our district is approximately 53 square miles and we protect a population of nearly 11,000.

Membership consists of 70 active volunteers, including 32 full-time employees, 7 part-time employees, 10 Associate Members, a paid Chief, paid Business Manager, paid Training Officer , paid fire & life safety officer, paid EMS coordinator and paid Mechanic. Skyland Fire Rescue has a unique mix of paid and volunteer firefighters.

Our ISO rating is currently a 4.

EMS protection is currently at the E.M.T.-Intermediate level with 30 Intermediates and 40 E.M.T.’s.

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